Morcote celebrates contemporary art with an exhibition, featuring sculptures and installations by fifteen artists, conceived as a path which unravels through the village. Along the path you will encounter two installations which were created especially for the exhibit: the first one can be found in the historical and delightful village centre, the Torre del Capitano (the Captain’s Tower) where Alex Dorici has created two structures made out of nautical rope and lit up with Black light. The second artwork, by Miki Tallone, can be seen on the jetty: a homage to the Ceresio, the lake onto which Morcote faces, taking the shape of a contemporary stilt house dwelling inspired by the Neolithic period. Facing the lake, the interior of an anonymous container has been converted by Christian Megert into a mirror labyrinth.

Our deceptive perception of this “never-ending room” is subsequently magnified by the superb view onto the lake through which a steel wool cloud encased in Plexiglas by Margherita Turewicz Lafranchi is filtered. The path ends inside Parco Scherrer, a garden built in the Thirties by the visionary entrepreneur Arturo Scherrer which treasures, along with its original pavilions and artificial structures evocative of great wonders from all four corners of the world, nine more sculptures by internationally famed artists. Enjoy your journey!



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