MORCOTE CARD 2020 is distributed annually and free of charge to the citizens of the municipality of Morcote.
The goal is to offer special discounts in different areas through discounts and promotions offered by participating partners.




Albergo Ristorante della Posta
Piazzetta della Posta 1
6922 Morcote

10% discount on the “Il Postiglione” hotel shop


Angolo dei Golosi
Riva dal Garavell 18
6922 Morcote
Gelateria – Take Away
3 balls of ice cream in fr. 5.- instead of fr.7.-, or 1 free drink can with the purchase of a sandwich or a pizzella


Al Vasaio
Piazza Granda 2
6922 Morcote
Tel: 091 996 15 89
Souvenir, artigianato
10% discount on products on sale. Excluded: postcards, books, maps.


Bar Ceresio
Riva Dal Garavell 4
6922 Morcote
Tel: 091 996 12 45
10% discount on all “superalcolici”, local grappa and … kiss included!


Bar Gandalf
Piazza Granda 12
6922 Morcote
Tel: 091 996 21 95
20% discount on the final bill to the cardholder and his guests at the table.


Bar Lounge Ristorante Al Porto
Riva da l’Elvezia 1
6922 Morcote
10% discount on all drinks


Bionda Tommy Pittura
Strada da Nouranch 14A
6915 Pambio Noranco
Tel: 076 394 66 62
Impresa di pittura
10% discount on work done


Caffè della Posta
Via Pocobelli 16
6815 Melide
Tel: 079 286 32 76
A good coffee, gipfel or brioche and a glass of orange juice for only CHF 5.-


Caffè Vecchio Teatro
Riva dal Garavell 14
6922 Morcote
20% discount on lunch or dinner. Piadina / Focaccia – soft drink or alcoholic-coffee for fr. 15.-


Caratti Costruzioni SA
Montada dal Sass dal Göbb 16
6922 Morcote
Impresa di costruzioni
Free inspection and estimate


Dugoni Parrucchieri
Strada Cantonale
Centro commerciale Grancia 1
6916 Grancia
Tel: 091 993 00 80
10% discount on all services offered


Estetica Prisca
Via Vegezzi 4
6900 Lugano
Estetica e benessere
20% discount on all treatments even at home


Garage Traffic
Via Comunale 4
6916 Grancia
Tel: 091 994 33 49
10% discount on car wash cards


La Terrazza sul Lago
Riva da la Tor 6
6922 Morcote
Coffee in fr. 1.- / Cappuccino at fr. 2.-. Free drink with daily menu (excluding alcohol)


Osteria Portici
Piazza Granda 10
6922 Morcote
091 996 18 96
20% discount on the final bill to the cardholder and his guests at the table.


Parco Scherrer
Riva di Pilastri 20
6922 Morcote
Free entry


Ristorante della Torre
Riveta da la Tor 1
6922 Morcote
Tel: 091 996 26 36
Coffee offered after a main meal.


Società di Navigazione del Lago di Lugano
Viale Castagnola 12
6906 Lugano
Free use of all the boats and routes managed by SNLL


Solar & Figli
Via alla Bola 4
6815 Melide
Tel: 079 192 14 24
Cartons offered for the move. 20% discount for clearance


Swiss Diamond Hotel
Riva Lago Olivella
6921 Vico Morcote
Albergo, Ristorazione,
Estetica e benessere, Viaggi

10% discount on daily admissions to Welness / half-year and / or annual passes.

10% discount at Diamond Spa (excluding packages and promotions).

10% discount at the Panorama and Lago restaurants.

10% discount for room reservations, 10% discount from online published prices.

10% discount on Beauty services Michela Salon (hairdresser).


Via Cantonale
6815 Melide
Parchi tematici
20% discount on the entry price. Non-accumulable offer





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